CNC/VMC M - Code

CNC/VMC  Machine M - Code

M00 - Program stop Unconditionaliy

M01 - Optional programme stop conditionally

M02 - End of programme

M03 - Spindle on (Clockwise)

M04 - Spindle on (Anti - clockwise)

M05 - Spindle stop

M06 - Programme stop (Manually tool change)

M08 - Coolant on

M09 - Coolant off

M17 - Spindle off/Coolant off

M19 - Oriented spindle stop

M21 - Mirror imaging about the X-axis

M22 - Mirror imaging about the Y-axis

M23 - Mirror imaging cancel

M30 - End of programme

M38 - Door close

M39 - Door open

M48 - Override cancel off

M49 - Override cancel on

M98 - Transfer control to a sub routine

M99 - Return from a sub routine

G- Code for cnc/vmc machine -

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