CNC Drilling Operation Programme

CNC Drilling Operation Programme

Drilling operation programme is as below

N01 G17G40G54G71G90G94
N02 T1D1
N03 M03S1000F50                        
N04 G00X10Y10Z10                                                           
N05 G01Z-5
N06 G00Z10
N07 G00Y35
N08 GO1Z-5
N09 G00Z10
N10 G00X30Y15
N11 G01Z-5
N12 GOOZ10
N13 G00Y35
N14 G01Z-5
N15 G00Z10
N16 M05
N17 G75X0Y0Z0  (FOR FAUNS USE G28)
N18 M30

For Explanation of above programme see this video...

See Practically Work  Video of above Programme...

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