CNC Lathe Turning Operation Programme

CNC Lathe Turning Operation Programme  -

Material size -    Round Dia- 80 mm
                                  Length - 600 mm

Required size -  Diameter - 74 mm (Distance - 500mm)

Programme -

N01 G54G71G90G94  (offsetting, dimension selection, co-ordinate selection)

N02 T1D1M08            (Tool selection, coolant on)

N03 M03S1000F100   (spindle direction, speed, Feed

N04 G00X5Z0            (Take tool near to job)

N05 G01X-2                (Take Cut)

N06 G01Z-500             (Length for cut)

N07 G00X10               (Return to first point in x - direction)

N08 G00Z0                  (Return to first point in z - direction)

N09 G01X-4                 (Take Cut)

N10 G01Z-500              (Length for cut)

N11 G00X10                (Return to first point in x - direction)

N12 G00Z0                  (Return to first point in z - direction)

N13 G01X-6                (Take Cut)

N14 G01Z-500             (Length for cut)

N15 G00X10                (Return to first point in x - direction)

N16 G01Z0                   (Return to first point in z - direction)

N17 M05M09               (Spindle off and coolant off)

N18 G75X0Z0              (Returun to home position)

N19 M30                        (End of programme)

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