VMC Programe - Reactangular slot cutting Programme

VMC Programe -  Reactangular slot cutting Programme - 

Size of Job - (250*200) mm

Drawing -

N01 G17G40G54G71G90G94  (xy plane,compensation off,offsetting,dimension,coordinate,feed)

N02 T1D1                                         (Tool selection)

N03 M03S1000F50                         (Spindle rotation, speed of spindle, feed rate)

N04 G00X50Y50                            (Rapid motion to starting point)

N05 G01Z-5                                  (Tool cut material to required depth at point A)

N06 G01 Y150                              (Tool reached to next point B)

N07 G01 X200                             (Tool reached to next point C)

N08 G01Y50                                (Tool reached to next point D)

N09 G01 X50                               (Tool reached to next point A)

N10 G00Z10                                (Tool extract from job with a safe distance)

N11 M05                                      (Spindle off)

N12 G75X0Y0Z0                        (Tool goes to home position)

N13 M30                                     (End of programmed)

CNC/VMC G- Code -


CNC/VMC M- code -


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