How To Make CNC VMC Programme

How To Make CNC/VMC Programme with step by step - 

Firstly divides the cnc/vmc programme in three parts -

1. Header

2.Operational part

3. Footer


1. Header -

In this part mostly G and M code are used same for maximum cnc/ vmc programme
It consist following code in most of cnc/vmc  programming

G00 - Rapid motion

G17,18,19 - For plane selection

G40,41,42 - For tool compensation (off, left on, right on)

G70,71 - For dimension  (inch, mm)

G90,91 - For co-ordinate system (absolute, incremental)

G94,95 - Feed rate (mm/min,mm/rpm)

M08 - coolant on

M03,04 - Spindle rotation direction (cw, anti cw)

T - Tool selection

D1 - Its used in siemens only

S - Speed of machine

F - Feed rate

2. Operational Part -

it consists blue print of machine working path. This is main part because it decide how to machine will cut the required job. It contains co-ordinate for tool path with the help of drawing.

3. Footer -

After comlete the job, In this part mostly machine stopping codes are written. it contains following codes most of time -

M05 - Spindle stop

M09 - Coolant off

G75 - Home position  (for siemens)

M02/M30 - End of Programme

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G- Code for cnc/vmc machine -

M- Code for cnc/vmc machine -

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