CNC Machine - Introduction, Working, Parts, Types

CNC Machine –

Computer Numerical control machine is the full form of cnc machine 

It replaced the cnc machine by using mini computer. In cnc machine programme is stored in the computers. It makes the interfaces easy for write, edit or changing the programme completely. Noways in cnc machine we can make port programme which can easily store, edit, download, uploaded and simulation using tool path.

CNC Machine working —

Make the job on cnc machine by following step-

 1.  First we make the drawing of the required job in cod software
     2. Generate the programme through software or manually
     3.  Feed the programme in cnc machine central unit from computer through        USB cable or chip
     4.  Identify the machine tool from machine tool database
     5.  cnc machine will be identify operation, tooling, teed, speed, depth,                 power, by reading programme
     6.  Cheek the simulation using tool path
     7.   Take a trail run 
     8.  Cut the job

CNC Machine

CNC Machine parts – cnc machine has following parts –

1.    Base – All the remains parts of cnc machine is mounted on base. It is made of cast iron

2.    Spindle – It provides the necessary motion and power for the machining

3.    Drive – In cnc machine two types of drive is used

a.     Spindle drive – It provide power to main spindle for cutting
b.    Feed drive – It drive the axis as per programme

Following motor is used in cnc machine for feed drive-

(i)    Dc and Ac servomotor
(ii) Stepped motor

(iii)                       Linear motor

4.    Lead Screw – Lead screw is used to convert the rotary motion into linear motion for operating various axis of machine

5.    Slide way

6.    Feed back devices

7. Sensor

8. Linear scale 

9. Machine control unit – this is the main part of cnc machine in which programme is stored and control the all movement of machine.

10. ATC

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Types of CNC Machine - 

CNC Machine has a wide range of application we are given some cnc 

machine name here used in various manufacturing areas-

1. CNC milling machine –

 Cnc milling machine is used widely for manufacturing a lot of product. It can perform a lot of operation line face milling, threading, vertical milling, drilling, boring etc. It is computer interface

2. CNC Lathe machine – 

Cnc lathe machine is used to cut the rotatedjob. It this machine job will be fix in chucke. CNC leathe tool is Controlled by machine control unit. Job will be rotate and tool will be move according to programme in x and z axis. CNC lathe machine works on two axis x and z axis

3. CNC Electric machine (EDM) -

 CNC wire cut EDM machines are common in which relative motion of the work piece with respect to the EDM wire. It is mostly used in sheet metal industry.

4. CNC Laser cutting machine -

CNC laser cutting machine is used to cut the job in two parts. It is widely used in industry.

5. CNC Router - 

CNC router is used to cut word plastic and sheet metal in X,Y and Z direction. It is used for manufacturing large scale products.

6. CNC grinding machine -

CNC grinding  machine is used for finishing  the job. These CNC machine is also controlled by mini computers through using programme.

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