LATHE MACHINE [Lathe Machine Types & Parts]

Lathe machine introduction -

Lathe Machine is the most versatile machine used in tool room, repair shop and in various workshop. Lathe can easily perform a number of operation. A lathe machine has provision to :
- hold the cutting tool and feed it against the direction of rotation of job.
- have fixed and sliding the parts so as relative movements of the cutting tool can be obtained with        respect to rotation of work
- hold and perform various others operation

Types of Lathe Machine -

Lathe machine can be classified in many types according to use, shape and size. Different types of lathe machine are :

1. Tool Room lathe machine
2. Engine lathe machine
3. Bench lathe machine
4. Speed lathe machine
5. Automatic lathe machine
6. Capstan lathe machine
7. Special purpose lathe machine

1. Tool Room Lathe Machine -

It produce most accurate job than any other lathe machine. It is                                                          costly lathe machine from other lathe machine. This lathe                                                                      machine has high range speed, feed and has various attachment.

2. Engine Lathe Machine - 

This Type lathe machine is commonly used in all type industries.                                                        This is also called SS or SC lathe machine.

3. Bench Lathe Machine - 

This type lathe machine is fitted on a bench. It can do all                                                                      operation like other lathe machine but are small in size. 

4. Speed Lathe Machine -

This Type lathe machine has a simple handling manual. It is                                                                    designed to operate on high speed. there are no conentional parts                                                            like carriage, lead screw, feed rode and tool post. In this type lathe                                                          machine tool is controlled by hand. 

5. Automatic Lathe Machine -

In this type lathe machine all action are perforemed automatically.                                                      For example feeding raw material, speed change, feed, unloading the                                                    work. it is used for mass production.

6. Capstan Lathe Machine -

In this type lathe machine tail stock is replaced by turret head on                                                        which many tools can be accommodate.

7. Special Purpose Lathe Machine -

These type lathe machine are built for special purpose work.
These can be classifeid as :

 1. crank shaft turning lathe 2. cam lathe 3. T- lathe       .                                                                           4. vertical lathe  5. wheel lathe 6. copying lathe

Lathe Machine Parts

Main parts of lathe machine is as beolw:

1. Head stock

2. Tail stock

3. Lathe bed

4. Carriage

5. Saddle

6. Cross slide

7. Compound rest

8. Tool post

9. Apron

10. Apron

11. Compound slide

12. Feed mechanism

13. Main spindle

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