CAD - Full Form, Introduction, Functions

CAD Software

CAD is stands for computer Aides Design

CAD is used to create 2- D (dimensional) , 3-D drawing and model. CAD is used in manufacturing industry to draw various product  design. CAD software is also used in electrical engineering and in civil engineering.

CAD – CAD is stands for computer aided design. In computer aided design we basically take of integrating computer science technique with for engineering design. So computer aided design software utilities the computer as a tool for all functions that are involved in the design process.

Computer aided design software functions-

    1.    Engineering drawing
          2.    Individual component modelling
          3.    Layout design
          4.    Assembly modelling
          5.    Tolerance checking
    6.    Interference checking
    7.    we can calculate varions geometric properties on CAD software
          8.    There is no need to draw any drawing again and again because you can  copy drawing in                     cad software.
    9.    In cad software, it is easy to edit, replace dimensionor shaple and size. 

Input devices for CAD design software –

            1.  Keyboard
            2.  Mouse
            3.  Light Pen
            4. Tablet
            5. Scanner

Characteristics of good a cad software –

 1.      An efficient cad software will be use less responsive time and give better output
 2.    Cad software must be flexible that modification can be do easily in drawing
 3.      A cad software should be easy to operate
 4.    The cad software must be portable that drawing can be shifted easily from one system to other           system
 5.   A cad software must be reliable
 6.   A cad software must be recoverable that data can be recover easily after crash. Auto cad is                   mainly used draw manufacturing design

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Drafting is one of the first computer applications used by many a user in view of its law cost and easier adopt. Auto cad is by far the most widely used CAD software for drafting applications

    Some important command used in autocad as given below
  1.          New – To open a new drawing
  2.          Open – To open a old drawing
  3.          save – To save the current drawing
  4.          Draw - To draw a line, circle, polygon, rectangle etc.
  5.          Modify – To edit the drawing
  6.          properties – To change properties of drawing
  7.         Text – To write text in drawing
  8.         Units – This lets us set up the units in which auto cad would have to work
  9.          Limits 
  10.         Grid – It controls the display
  11.         Snap – It controls the resolution of the cursor movement
  12.         Ortho – It allows the user to control orthogonal drawing made
  13.         Zoom – It is used to change the scale of display
  14.         PAN – It allows to move display window in any direction without changing the display                   magnification
  15.         Move – It is used to move drawing entities from one location to another
  16.                Copy – It is used to copy the drawing.
  17.              Chamfer – It creates a bevel between two intersecting lines             at a given distance from            their intersection.
  18.                Filled – It connects two lines, arcs, circle with a smooth are of specified radius.
  19.              Offset – It makes a entity parallel to another entity.
  20.         Array – It makes multiple copies of selected object



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