cnc turning machine operations and Applications

cnc turning machine operations -

cnc is the short form of computer numerical control machine.  As we know this is autonomous control machine in which all operations are done automatically.There is no need of manual control.  We feed up the instructions in the form of programme that executes the work. CNC Machine is capable to do a lot of work in manufacturing industries. It is used in also other industries but mainly used for the manufacturing industry.CNC Machine has a wide range of applications in different industries. In manufacturing industries by the help of cnc machine many operations can be done on time with high accuracy.
Some imporatnt operations done by on cnc machine is given as below -

cnc machine turning operations

1. Drilling Operation - In this process, cnc machine is used to do hole  in the job.

2. Facing Operation- In this operation face of the job is done uniform.

3. Boring Operation- It is used to increase the size of hole.

4. Reaming Operation- Used to make the size hole true.

5. Tapping Operation- Used to cut internal thread on the job.

6. Threading Operation- Used to cut external thread on the job.

7. Taper turning Operation- In this operation different diameter of a cylindrical job is prepared .

8. Form turning Operation- Used to prepare different shapes and size of jobs.

9. Knurling Operation- Knurling tool is use to make different shape grove on the job.

10. Parting off Operation- Used to divide job in two parts.

11. Chamfering Operation- It is a transitional edge between two faces of the jobs.

12. Grinding Operation- By using a special types attachment on CNC Turining machine we can do                                              grinding operation.

13. Spring winding Operation- In this operation coile is made by CNC machine.

CNC Turning Machine Applications -

CNC Turning machine is used in the wide range of industries because of  less machining time, High productivity and High accuracy. Some are as given below-

10. Core sector industry

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