How Numerical Control (NC) Machine works

NC Machine -

As we know that Numerical Control Machine is operated through automation.These machine works on instructions which control by programme which consists Number, Alphabet and different type of sign. NC Machine has a control unit which analysis the data received from input and convert into work.

NC Machine has a systematic working style which is as given below-

1. Firstly, We prepare a programme according to need of drawing. These programme is prepared by        using Number, Alphabet and different type of sign.

2. Now feed these programme in the memory unit of machine throw input device.

3. In NC Machine, Punch tape is used to store the  data. Paper tape is mostly used to store the data.          Some others paper-mylar, aluminium-mylar and plastic tapes are also used to store the data.

4. Tape reader is used to read the data from punch tape.It converts the data into electrical signal by           decoding of block of any problem .

5. Tape reader send the electrical signal into machine control unit after decoding the data.

6. Machine control unit converts these electrical signals into energy form and send to the driving            control unit which works on the information store in the programme different type of servo motor      rotates according to received electrical pulses.

7. Machine table is rotate with the help of lead screw. Machine table can be control by controlling           the electrical pulses.

8. Close loop control system sends the feed back of table actual movement and desired movement          through feed back sensors

9. In NC Machine, AC,DC and Hydraulic servo motor is generally used.

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