Safety Precaution for CNC Machine

Safety Precautions- 

Today conventional machine, is automated, it generates the complex technical system as well as new hazards. Automation of machine is controlled through computer, numerical control system. To escape from the hazards in these new complex system, we should fallow the instructions carefully.Learn what to do and what not to do when you work on CNC machine. It keep way from the accidents. Safety should be main concern for any company. It save the life of their valuable worker.

CNC machine is a manufacturing process  in which  pre-programmed instructions through  computer software control two movements  of tools and machinery. Operating the CNC machine without proper shill and knowledge we can invite accidents. So during the working on CNC machine we should follow some instructions. Some important instructions are given as below-

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CNC machine -

NC machine -

Safety precautions for CNC Machine-:

  •  Never touch rotating part of machine.
  •  Do not touch any voltage terminal.
  •  Do not touch or press any button without knowing when machine is in operation.
  •  Always switch  off the main circuit beaver after the operation.
  •  Never put the machine under vibrations.
  •  Do not open cnc machine door during operation.
  •  Always use the safety shoes during working on cnc machine.
  •  Use insulator under the machine.
  •  Never wear  loose clothes during working on cnc machine
  •  Remove oil from the floor around the machine.
  •  Installed the cnc machine at separate place.and provide proper area to work.
  •  Clear the chip in between the production process.
  •  Ensure the job is firmly fitted on the machine. also check the tool holder.
  •  When loading/unloading work piece ensure spindle of machine is stopped.
  •  Ensure that cnc machine is installed rigidly and securely with proper insulator.
  • Check the programme accuracy with the help of simulation before running the programme.
  • Check the lubrication and oiling regularly.
  • All maintenance work should be done with the power off.
  • Check the main pressure and clamping pressure before running the programme.
  • Check the speed over the ride position.
  • Do not use compressed air for cleaning.
  • Check the sliding movement before operation.
  • Always make sure CNC machine isn't in working condition when you load the tool magazine.
  • Make sure correctly tool is loaded in magazing.
  • Test the tools before the use.
  • Set the spindle direction according to requirement of job.
  • Never use blunt, cracked and chipped tools.
  • In CNC router, ensure there are not any screws in the path of bit.
  • Use the emergency button during any misbehaving. By using emergency button CNC machine can be shut down instantly.
  • Use the curtain guards which are made from PVC. These help to protect from airborne chips.
  • Always wear the personnel protective equipment during the working on CNC machine.
  • Keep a distance from the moving parts of machine.

How to make CNC/VMC Programme -

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