vmc machine Constructions

VMC Machine Constructions- 

vmc machine consists following parts -

1. vertical spindle head
2. Table transverse
3. head stock assembly of machining center
4. Automatic tool changer (ATC)
5. Machine control unit (MCU)
6. machine body
7. CNC electrical Board
8. Machine Table
9. Guards
10. Interface

1. Machine body - 

Machine body is made of cast iron. CI has excellent vibration absorbtion capacity. Saddle is fitted on the base of the machine to hold machine table. Machine base, saddle and column is made of cast iron. Column is also fitted on the machine body. Machine table takes all the movements on the guide ways and ground ball screws driven by a servomotor through belt drive. The main spindle of cnc machine runs on angular contact ball bearing which is fitted into the head stock. Main spindle is rotated by servomotor and it is connected to motor through direct coupling.

2. Head stock -

It made of cast iron. It is filled on vertical columns. Horizontal & vertical ribs are added in headstock to provide more strength.

3. Spindle -

It hold the machine tool.Spindle is made of case hardening or nitriding steel, It provides rotational speed to the machbine tool according to instructions of machine cotrol unit.

vmc machine

4. Column -

It is made of cast iron. horizontal and Vertical ribs also fitted to the care of torsion and bending moments. Bearing is fitted to the columns.

5. CNC Electrical Board -

It consists electrical pannel and drives. Control pannel's elcetrical board is mounted on in front of the machine while drive is situated in the back side of machine.

6. Coolant system -

It is used to store the coolant for operation. Coolant helps to reduce heat.

7. Saddle -

Saddle is mounted on the machine base. Saddle consists cross slide, guideways, ball screw, bearings, pulley, motor.

8. Column assembly -

It is hollow verticalstructure and is heavily ribbed. Horizontal ribbed is placed to escape from twistingmoments. Vertical ribbedescape from the bending moments. Guideways is also mounted on the column.

9. Tool magzine -

Tool magzine consists a number tools

10. Interface is used to input the data in machine and output the data from machine control unit.

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